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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Screen Studies and homework

Just got back from screen studies, planning on spending the rest of the evening doing homework.

Before class, I battled Ryan on Puzzle Quest 2, my paladin vs his assassin, I won. That’s 1/10 different people fought for the checklist. Will have a Pokémon battle against him tomorrow.

Next week is pitch week where we are going to pitch a script someone else has written, I have already chosen the script I want to pitch (out of 9) so I better work hard in order to be the one to direct the film! (Only a handful (4) of films are chosen and the rest are divided into groups to work on them)



Nothing much has been happening hte last few days, but next week will be different when I start my new classes on weekends =O

Just added more stuff to the checklist since one of my friends gave me a couple of suggestions (I altered them a bit though)

Going to spend the rest of the day doing homework.

Talk to you later.


Just finished the laundry. Why is this worth mentioning you ask?
Well, this is pretty much my first time doing the laundry myself, without help (asking one of the French on how to start the machine doesn’t count, it’s another design than we had at home in Sweden)

Also worth mentioning is that I don’t have any classes tomorrow (just as planned) so I will work on my homework and make a few episodes of the Let’s Play. For the next Let’s Play episode, I will try to fix the problem episode 16 had.


So, just came back from my second class this week: Story Through Character. This class is about handling actors, we saw some clips from various movies and got a ton to read. I don’t know if I should go =D or D=

On the way to school I met up with another guy, Ryan, who also goes to SFS and it turned out he too has a DS with him, and to be more precise Pokémon. This makes me happy.

Otherwise much doesn’t happen. Still trying to figure out how Australian washing machines work (no joke), might start looking for a job if I’m to afford a plane ticket to USA for Zeldathon summer.

Oh well, see you later =)


Finally got my classses! They are not long, they are not many, but they are what I’m going to learn during this first half a year.

Monday – Screen Studies 6-9 PM
Tuesday – Story through character 2-5 PM
Wednesday – 16mm Film production 2-5 PM
Thursday – Digital Production 2-5 PM

I will also have some classes during the weekend, but when and what classes they will be I will know later.

Also, it takes me 15 minutes to walk to school from where I live, nice.

Small update

Nothing much is happening right now, just waiting for school to really begin. I’m getting settled in and the other guys are very nice whenever I see them.

So Australia has a place called Coles which is apparently THE place for food here, or just something that’s everywhere, like Hemköp in Sweden.

I’m going to see if I can start working on my Minish Cap Let’s Play. If I can, it will be updated with random intervals, sorry about that.

Just moved in an update

Been living at my new place for roughly 6 hours now. The Pakistan guy showed up, with both a name and an accent I can’t nake heads or tails of. There are apparently two more who lives here, they are Irish, and so far they (or rather him since I only have met one of the Irish guys so far) have been the most social, but it’s just the first day, so I’m not expecting much.

Will probably start working on the Let’s Play tomorrow, so that will make my YouTube fans happy.

Just moved in!

Just moved into my new appartment, it’s nice. Lives with two guys from France and one from Pakistan, hasn’t seen the latter guy yet though, and he’s sharing my room.

Still getting settled in, but I’m glad I don’t have to pay a dollar for 15 minutes of Internet anymore.

Random humour

Australia is a very land with humour, like Canada.

For example: the elevator company in the hostel are called Schindler lifts, so does that make it Schindler’s lift?

See you guys later ;3

Awesome day!

Whoa, what a day.

First off, I’m just a little sniffly, the headache is gone, YAY!
It was the orientation day today, met the teachers and got information. School starts on Monday for real and we already have homework, before school has started wut.

Went to see the flat I’m going to rent, it’s in a quiet, rough looking area of town, but the interior is nice. At the moment I might be the only one living in it and I’m going to move in tomorrow. It’s also quite close to the school which is nice.

Saw a bit of town on my way back to the hostel, and as I got closer to it, the more Asians appeared. (The hostel is in Chinatown)

Going to buy myself a laptop so that I can keep in touch with you guys (and work on my projects) without paying $1 for 15 minutes.

Talk to you guys when I have moved in =D

Also, you should comment more. It’s hard to know if anyone reads this if you don’t.

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