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Monthly Archives: March 2011


Rejoice! I found the camera on the 3DS and managed to get the SD card to the computer. Now I don’t need to use the old camera (sorry mom!)

Also, now I can put up silly images I take for you to see, isn’t science amazing?!


The images can be found right below the Australia checklist and will change every now and then (aka when I feel like it)


3. D. S. No. More. Glasses. Except not…

… I still need my glasses to see, but hey!

At the time of writing, I’m reading through the manual to my brand new Cosmos Black 3DS =O

Stuff will happen soon and in school we are getting closer and closer to the production weeks where we have to make a couple of movies.

This is going to be amazing!

Friday and forward

Sorry for not posting my usual friday update, but I disn’t have the time, I can post something now though.

So, for this week’s movie night we saw Election, some old-ish movie that was pretty fun and interesting. We also saw Punch-Drunk Love with Adam Sandler. It got a pretty big “WHAT?” from me after it was done, the plot was very weird. Also, the symmetry in the movie made my brain hurt D=

This weekend I had Cinematography classes (10am – 5pm) and I learned that I cannot be a camera operator. It’s not that it’s difficult or anything, it’s just that when you look through the viewfinder thingie you can’t have glasses on. Luckily you can adjust the focus for the viewfinder. Unfortunately it doesn’t cover the range of my bad eye-vision D=
Oh, well.

Otherwise stuff are going great, have some homework to do, but nothing too big.


Hey, news!
Getting a lot of real projects now in school. I’m Director of Photography and Production desginer for hte Chinatown project, 2 short scenes in the style of Nosferatu. Neat.
For the documentary I’m in charge of sound, but it won’t be so important until after Chinatown.
And for the major drama I’m going to be Clapper loader in the movie Visitor. Could work.
Not much else is going on, as usual.

Oh! Saw an aborigin today =O
Was it really one? No idea, but he looked like one and as an extra bonus he was playing a didgeridoo. Checking ‘find an aborogine’ off the list. Yay.

Meet the filmmaker: Bill Russo

Another monday, another meet the filmmaker. This time we had a visit from Bill Russo (
Apparently he’s the friend of one of the teachers in school =O
He’s an editor and not only talked about an editor’s job, he also tried to teach us things! Did it work? Probably.

In other news, don’t complain if you happen to have a 9 to 5 schedule in school. I just spent 11 hours. Yup, from 10am to 9pm learning stuff, not getting any lunch (I had some snacks and coke with me). Luckily this will hopefully be the last time I will do so for a while and it all worked out well in the end.

Not sure what else to tell you. Um. It has been raining a lot lately?

City vs town

In lack of better things to write I just wanted to say that I’m not a city person. I prefer towns and will always do that. That said, once I’m done here in Australia I’m going straight back to the town I’m from.
That or Zeldathon winter, whatever comes first and is most effective.

Also, only 4 episodes left (including episode 23) of my Minish Cap Let’s Play =O


I love it when I say something, only for something else to happen.

Always wake up at 9? The very next day I get a project that requires me to wake up at 8 for the rest of the week.


Now, I said I didn’t have the money for a plane ticket to Zeldathon, right? Let’s see what happens tomorrow =O


Not sure how many people that actually reads this blog nowadays. Anyway, just got a mail about the confirmed six movies that are going to be shot.

Unfortunately Do Me A Favour wasn’t one of them. Oh, well.

Got more things to do now: We are going to shoot two short scenes from the movie Chinatown in the style of a vampire movie, what?

I was assigned the Director of Photography for the first scene and Production Designer for the second scene. This is going to be interesting.

Shooting starts April 10th, so that gives me some time to work on my other projects, but also time for me to study up on the crew roles I was assigned.


9. Always 9.

Maybe I should explain?

For some reason, every morning after I wake up I look at my watch, and it always shows 9. The watch is not broken, but it’s just weird. And it’s not a few minutes past nine or right before nine. It’s always on the MINUTE of 9.

I guess that’s a good thing, I will never oversleep =D

Meet the filmmaker: Jennifer Peedom

Anotehr Meet the Film maker today (still not a TF2 class).
This time it was Jennifer Peedom ( who talked about her documentaries.

Next week we will get a visit from an editor.

In other news, I managed to upload the next episode of my LP this morning =O

Yes! I managed to found an option to upload the video in chunks instead of the whole thing. This is very good since my Internet has a habit of shutting down every once in a while (3 hours, 94%, Internet dies…)

That’s all for now, will now go and work on my homework.

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