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Silver’s thoughts – Mindset

Here’s something I thought of while walking to Coles in light rain and after being awake for 31 hours: On how two different mindsets can have teh same effect about making the world a better place by doing things like recycling and not littering.
“Everyone else does it, so I can skip out.” and “No one else is doing it, so why should I?”

I blame the lack of sleep for things like this, will go to bed soon.


“Visitor” DONE!

Woo! Just got back from the three day shoot of the short film Visitor, and let me tell you: it was AMAZING!

But before I get to that, let me tell you what happened during Thursday, the day I was supposed to give you info of what had happened during it.

Just a warning: I didn’t have time to take any pictures, but others did. If I get a link I’ll be sure to give it to you.

This was the day we were filming more of the documentary, so I had to travel by train to the pick-up point. The train took a small detour, so I got to see some of the city =D
After that I met up with the others so that we could take a taxi to Concord hospital.When we were done with a short interview we walked for quite a bit to the trainstation and took the train to Liverpool (In Australia, silly) to visit the place where we were going to shoot Visitor.
On the way back I got a ride by Adam, you know, the vampire? I actually was a bit afraid when we were the only ones in the car.
So to summarise: I have been travelling by foot, train, taxi, bus and car today. All I missed was plane and ferry (and maybe a tandem bike)

The day we started shooting! Got up pretty early (4-5 hours of sleep) and got to Liverpool. Shooting a professional short film turned out to be more awesome than I actually thought. As a clapper loader, I was in charge of pretty important things, but the camera crew (Me, the camera operator Isaac and focus puller Bessie) worked perfectly. In fact, we were the guys with least trouble.
Our director of photography was fired around lunch time, he complained about not getting his way. He had it coming though: he never showed up to any meetings, didn’t know his role and treated everyone like dirt. Whenever he tries to defend himself he always says the same thing over and over in as many ways as possible (Vis is nött my jöb. Vis is höw I want it. Listen to me etc.)
So Isaac had to take over as DoP, a wise choice, but poor Isaac got more to do. It turned out well in hte ond though =)
Myself, I had it pretty stressful, building the camera, running around with the lenses and keeping track of all the shots.
The actors were amazing too! They were real professional ones too, and me and Bessie really got close to them, in their faces actually (You take Focus from the actor’s eyes and during closeups I had the clapper board pretty much right in their faces)
It was all amazing! Amazing and stressy, but that’s a given.

Well, like Friday, the day was stressy and amazing. With our previous DoP fired, morale and happiness was really high!
Not sure what else to say. Well, there was some issue with the gate (the thing that feeds through the film in order to, you know, film it)
It was quickly fixed though, but it really had us scared for a moment.

Oh, and the guy who played the dead son in the movie was one of the funniest and nicest guys ever while he wasn’t acting.

Also, when I was loading the magazine for day 3, it went perfectly. If fact, it was so perfect I really couldn’t believe it and tried to find a fault with it. I found one and fixed it. I’m so glad for that.

The final day of the shoot. We moved to a location to shoot the final scene of the short. Like any of the other days, the stress was always there unless there was a break, but I had to be ready in case something was going on like changing the lens or moving the camera. We had a lot of trouble with sounds, but camera work went smooth.
Our biggest problem was for a couple of key scenes a few hours before wrapping: some neighbours was having a party and didn’t want to get quiet for the shoot (they had hired a band and everything) so we had real trouble with sound. It worked out in the end though =)

I got a lot of praise and compliments from the Director and First Assistant Director for my work. In fact, almost everyone I worked with (camera, actors, directors) really liked how fast and precise I was ^^
Clapper loader will stay on my list on things I can/want to be, but I’m removing gaffer and focus puller.

That’s pretty much everything that happened, I guess. I probably forgot something, but I didn’t have any time to make notes of what to write and such, I had a job to do.

See you later =)

So long for now

Was going to put up a longer post explaining all the fun stuff that has happened today, but it’s kinda late and I need sleep.

For the next three days there will be the major drama shoot, Visitor.
See you all on Monday, happy Easter!

I’m just sayin’

I can survive on my own, yay!

But I’d prefer not to, though.


Why have I not posted this yet, I was supposed to do this during monday D=

Right, so we had our Chinatown shoot during Sunday, and it was pretty awesome. Got some photos taken with my 3DS, let me show you:

What IS that thing to the left? Setting up Morty’s curious instruments in the mourge scene.

No seriously, what is that? A close up of the previous image.

The diploma is for some guy called BillChelsea are setting up the instruments on the wall.

I swear the blur was there when I took the photo Wheeling in the bed, a prop in the scene.

The green really match that guys sweater Lookin’ good so far. It’s not done yet though.

LIES! There is a paper there on the left D=< This place looks pretty clean, want to know why?

See that bench top-center? That too. Here’s all the stuff I had to move out from the previous image. Ouch.

What's with all this blur? Here Dean and Manuel are setting up the door for the scene.

CREEPY CAAAAAVE NOIIIIIISE! Morty’s props on the table and this is still Saturday…

A french V sign =O Taking a break, not sure what day this is.

Now THIS is how you mae fake blood Finally Sunday! The girl who does the make up showed up and started to set up her things.

Just wait until he gets his make-up John, one of the teachers, played the role of Morty.

I think he's going to kill me... One of the dead bodies getting his make-up. Doesn’t that look creepy?

"So I just bought a new reading light..." Setting up the 800W lamp, neat.

What is the director plotting? Shuzo, the focus puller, checks out key spots for Gittes’ movements to set focus on.

"So I'm dead, what's it to you?" Gittes, Morty and the body (The water comissioner if I believe) in a cool image.

I think Geoff is on to me Preparing a close-up shot in the middle of the day. Geoff is a human blur.

Morty: "Hang on, I'm still reading." Still setting up the shot. Almost ready to film it!

They look really bleak? It's the make-up! I think this is taken on another preperation, Gittes couldn’t get his final lines right.

"I see dead people" Discussing the final shot before lunch.

Why so sad, John? Setting up the camera for the shoot, making sure the shadow doesn’t get in shot.

"I can't wait to tell my family I played a dead body" And it’s lunch time! We’re done with the first scene, time to move on to the garage scene.

"Hm, when I get my hands on that guy's 3DS..." Geoff is thinking on how we all did today, the others are wrapping up.

And nothing is left. The perfect crime. The scene after we have wrapped up, time for some pasta!

"Have anyone seen my cat?" Packing up the final things to be moved to the other location.

Why did I take this photo again? Lunch time!

Adam von Sage? This guy is playing a vampire. And his name is actually Adam. Creepy.

"I wish we had a better reading light in here..." The director for this scene going through some notes with the first assistant director.

"I can't wait for some blood" Adam taking it easy between shoots.

"Needs more light" Dean, the DoP for this scene, is checking out the light levels where the action is going to take place.

And that’s all of the images I managed to take. There were spots that was really stressy, which is to be expected on a film set. Anyway, this day was really awesome and hopefully this will be first of many.
And now I will tell you about that if you hover your mouse over the image, you will get additional funny text. Weh weh weh.

See you later =)

Villain Cooking Show ep 1

I feel like some extremely silly villain right now. I just made some fake blood for the Chinatown shoot tomorrow, look:

What will happen next? I don’t know =D

Also, the recipe:

Fake blood:
1. 3 parts Corn Syrup
2. 1 part water
3. Red food colouring
4. Flour to make it thicker
5. Mix together and stir
6. Laugh evilly for added effect
7. Wait 10 minutes
8. Serve

The lazy man’s version:
1. Have someone else make it for you

On the next episode of Villain Cooking Show:
Exploding muffins and cooked pork.

Stuff this week

Sorry for not posting so much! I have been busy and forgot to update.

First of all: Movie night today! Saw The White Ribbon, it was very well done and even more confusing. Then we grabbed some pizza and discussed movies, awesome.
On the way home I saw a bat =O

Production week, where we actually shoot movies, start next week, even though it has kinda already started. The Chinatown shoot is on Sunday but we will prepare everything tomorrow.

MC has started a 24/7 livestreaming over at, I visit there every once in a while and sometimes even stream something myself.

Working on possible titles for my Super Mario Land 2 Let’s Play, going so-so.

Also, the thing that infuenced my second “Silver’s thoughts” that was never brought up in that post is that I started thinking about the shopping thing when I walked past the seafood section. Why the seafood section? It. Smells. HORRIBLE.
I hold my breath everytime I go past it and for some reason it inspired me to write that text.


Anyway! I finally, FINALLY got a person on the Streetpass function on the 3DS. It’s been a week and I have been walking around the shopping centre and even the game store for a whole week, without any luck, until today!

And that should be all for now! See you later!


Woke up after a good night’s sleep and looked at my watch, precisely 8.

If you were expecting 9 as usual, Daylight savings ended last Sunday. Har har har.

Out going

So my friends and mom says I should go out more, okay…

A couple of days back, Ryan (the guy I played DS with) approached me and pretty much said “You will join us at Supernova.” (Us as in him and Brandon, another cool dude)
I was like “Okay.”
Then I asked what Supernova was and when it is. The answers: A Sci-fi convention and this June.

Works for me.
I tend to do stuff when people ask me to, but not when they tell me I should.

Silver’s shopping thoughts

Uh, oh. Another wall of text imcoming!

Right so, I was shopping again today when I started thinking about what I really do…

I always go shopping around 9pm, because that’s pretty much the only time I have… er… time for it. Walking in the evening is pretty nice too, even though it’s a big city. Anyway, I have a tendency to not buy any snacks like cinnamon rolls or cookies, seeing the prices really scares me: $3 per package. Now, had this been Sweden it would have been hilarious (3 SEK = 0.5 AUD) but it’s not, and I usually run a quick convertion in my head. The cents are just a blur, but realising that 1 AUD is 6 SEK is reason enough for me to try and limit what I buy, I’m on a limited budget and have no job so…

I have also realised I sigh a lot after I put something in my shopping bag, as if someone just had told me “There goes another $3, ha.”

Now the reason I went to the store in the first place was to get bread and aluminum foil, what I got was:
Aluminum foil (cheapest I could find)
4 small storage boxes for food.
A DVD with three movies in it (just $17 =O )
A coke.
1 pre-made dinner, Veal Cordon Bleu
1 serving of macaroni and cheese.
1 serving of some healthy mushroom and beef dish.
And a twix.

Good job with limiting your purchases there, Silver. Good job.

Anyway, just though I should share it with you in lack of better things to write.

Oh! I released the final part of my Minish Cap Let’s Play recently, 5 hours upload, was scared Internet would die.

And now I will end this post with an image of one of my teachers, Leslie Oliver ( looking confused (and blurry due to moving the camera)
I caught him off guard as he was putting a pen in his pocket.

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