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Monthly Archives: May 2011


I hate to write a happy post so shortly after a tragic event…

A couple of years back I saw this trailer for a movie called Australia, but dismissed it as a silly love story, without even seeing the movie.

A couple of weeks before I left for Australia my mom jokingly suggested that I should see it. She said it was a good movie, and she isn’t a liar. However, I still didn’t want to see it, my mom and I have different ideas of how a good movie is…

Until today.

Today I finally saw the movie, in fact, I just finished it, and well… it was a great movie! I should really stop judging movies by their trailers and listen to my mom a bit more. The music was awesome and the story was interesting. Also, I never thought I would see Hugh Jackman without a beard, ever.
And now for some spoilers about the ending, because that was just so greatly made. Basically, the end is anyone’s game: you think it will end happily (because most movies do that) and indeed, we reach a point that would look like a great ending. But then the movie decides to continue and suddenly it looks like it won’t end that happily after all. But then it does! Or does it? In the end it’s just as big of a chance to be happy than it won’t, but I will not tell you which it was. Or you could be like me and end the movie after seeing Hugh Jackman without his beard, that works too.

I also love how they managed to mix in “Somewhere over the rainbow” in the soundtrack, beautiful.

See you later.



I was just told that my grandma died a couple of hours ago.

I will miss her.

For grandma

So I recently got the news that my grandma is feeling worse and we think she doesn’t have much time left. I have bought a card to send to her, but I just can’t find the words to write down, so I’ll write my thoughts here instead.

Kära mormor. Jag hoppas att du blir bättre snart. Jag har försökt undvika tanken om att jag kanske inte kommer få se dig igen, och att jag är på andra sidan jorden gör det bara värre. Jag har varit med om förlust förrut, men att förlora ett husdjur är inte samma som att förlora dig. Du har alltid varit snäll och hjälpsam när vi behövt.

Det finns tusen mer saker jag vill skriva, men jag kan inte finna ord för dem just nu. Mina önskningar om att du möter mig på flygplatsen i December.



Turns out the editing week (not the weekends) is the week after what I specified, oops.


Updates =O
Next week is going to be really busy: I will have editing classes en masses.
My schedule is as follows:
Saturday 14th: Final Cut Pro elective
Monday: Editing and Screen Studies
Tuesday: Story Through Character
Wednesday: Editing and 16mm Film (aka, MORE editing)
Tuesday: Documentary
Friday: Editing
Saturday: Editing

This won’t hopefully be too much of a trouble.

See you later =)

The plot meaning thickens

So I think I finally have learned the difference between ‘story’ and ‘plot’, yay. That took long enough.

In other news: Nothing much else, heh. Might start up my dream journal again.

See you later =)

Goodbye, friend

So my roommate moved out today, I’m going to miss him. He was a nice person and in my opinion, better than the other guys here… The French moved out last week and was replaced by two girls from England if I have understood it right.

In school we have started critic class in Screen Studies and in Story Through Character it’s time for writing screenplays. I look forward to the latter one.

Otherwise my life is going on as usual. Miss the family, bird, cat and fast Internet. Working on various projects as I normally do.

See you later =)

Still alive

I’m still alive, I just haven’t found anything interesting to say yet =)

Just letting you all know.

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