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Monthly Archives: June 2011

A post?!

Sorry for not posting sooner, but I have a very good reason for this. (Good being subjective)
The reason is that I wanted the post saying I’m going to USA for Zeldathon Winter and that I may need money for it to be up so that people could see it.


But anyway, yesterday was the final sound mixing for the documentary I was sound designer on (titled Delving Deeper, you can expect to see that on the film festival)
Final deadline for projects are this Sunday, but I’m all done, meaning that basically my summer… err… winter break has started! Yay!

So what does this mean? Well, I’ll be showing up more often on tznLIVE (link at the bottom) taking over streaming 2AM to around 10AM EDT, making 2 people happy every morning. Please drop in for a chat, I take requests of what to play while making silly faces on webcam.
This mostly doesn’t apply to weekends as I play roleplaying games with my friends around those hours.

In other news: My life is going great! I’m trying to balance the little money I have left for the semester, but if it comes down to it I could eat noodles for a week. The noodles here are pretty tasty, actually.
I’m still trying to figure out what my next Let’s Play should be about, still trying to hold off Pokémon for a while.

And now for some links!
The plane ticket:


Help the Silver get to Zeldathon!

Hey guys! I’m planning on going to Zeladthon this winter (sorry family, I promised I would be back in Sweden by Christmas)

I have done some simple math (as I am not good with advanced) and I might have enough for a plane ticket to USA and then to Sweden.

However, just to be sure I have now created a neat little ChipIn thingy =D

As this wordpress doesn’t like self-made widgets I provided a link to it instead.

The page also has more information.

See you later =)

My room

So, I still haven’t got a new room mate since the other one moved out months ago, and I LOVE IT!
While I don’t have anything against sharing rooms, having it for yourself is oh so nice.

I do hope no-one else moves in here for a while, unless you happen to be one of my friends, then by all means, move in!

10 random facts about a silly Swede!

Because I’m bored and have nothing else to do, here’s 10 random facts about me =D

1. Out of all the Pokémon I have seen so far from Gen V of Pokémon, it seems that my team will consist only of Grass types since I like their designs the best (although Yamask has a cool story behind it =O )

2. Like many other, I like bacon. I’ll usually take the food that contains bacon when I buy something or order stuff at McDonalds and whatnot. However, I’m disappointed at Australia’s bacon, not as good as Sweden’s.

3. I do not like Jeans. I have nothing against denim things, it’s just the Jeans I do not like for some reason.

4. I do not like Mudkip despite what you have been told.

5. Whenever someone sneezes I try to say “The Leader sees you” instead of “Bless you” or “Gesundheit.” Don’t get it? It’s an inside joke from one of the roleplaying games I play.

6. I can never spell ROdney right when I’m typing… see?

7. Usually when I’m unmotivated or bored I watch Whose Line Is It Anyway on YouTube until the boredom fades. Problem is, when I’m motivated again it’s time for bed =/

8. I believe that the Pokémon World exists somewhere in the universe and I hope to go there some day, no joke!

9. If there is something everyone should know, I probably don’t. People’s reactions to this tend to vary…

10. My last name is… Silver *innocent whistle*
However, people back in Sweden seemed to think my last name was cool and pretty unique, and I can agree to that, but ever since I got to Australia EVERYONE got interesting last names.

And that’s 10 random facts about the silly Swede you are currently reading about. Stay tuned: I might do more of these in the future.

Oh, bonus points if you know me well but didn’t know things on this list. Even more bonus points if you are from my family.

See you later =D


Just got back from shooting some pickup shots for Visitor, you know, the major drama I was clapper loader on?

We had to shoot some extra shots to make the movie a bit smoother and once again I made an excellent job as a clapper loader. I even helped out on the final shot of the day when we needed to raise a couch a bit for a thing (movie magic) but we didn’t have any crates to place the couch on. I noticed and suggested to use the foldable tables that are scattered around school. The final shot went awesome!

See you later =)

Money update

So I was finally able to check my money balance (couldn’t do that before because I was transferring money at the time and needed to wait for the bank to update…)
So what’s the score?
$1542 AUD
And my rent until July twentysomething when I get more will total down to $1020 AUD. That gives me 522 to spend on food! Looks like I don’t need to eat noodles for the next few weeks! YAY!
Still, it’s not much, so I need to spend it carefully… Looks like Ocarina of Time 3DS will have to wait, I can be patient.

Oh, I’d like to thank Rex for giving me $30 AUD to buy groceries for. You are awesome.

Should I add a donation widget just in case mayhaps?

See you later =)

Good and Bad news

Okay, so I got some good news and some bad news…

The good news is that shcool is going great! Things really went well in Final Cut Pro editing (got skills from before using Premiere Pro). It was also my first, second and third time using a Mac ever during the past 7 days. Whoa.
Been working a bit on PMD: TAoTA, it’s getting real close to completion!

Now for the bad news…

I’m starting to run out of money. I’m dangerously low in fact, and I’m not sure if I have enough until the 25th of July when I get more. I should be more certain in a few days, so I’ll keep you updated.

Don’t panic, I know I won’t. At least not yet. Noodles anyone?

See you later =)

This week

Sorry for the lack of updates the last few days, but nothing much is going on.
Well, that’s a bit of a lie, really…

You see…
…I have to write the next draft of my script, having being commented on that I used too much of my imagination =P
…I have been looking for music for a roleplaying game I’m playing every Sunday (not last Sunday though). One of the songs can be found here:
…I have released episode 9 of my Super Mario Land 2 Let’s Play. Only one episode to go!
…I finished the Temple of Chickens on my Minecraft Server, and let me tell you: it took a great while. Image can be found here:
…I’m working on a seeecret projeeect oooOOOoooh!

Among other things. School is going great by the way, it’s pretty much editing at the moment…

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