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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Food and chefs

So I saw this interesting little piece of advertising at Coles today:
“To cook like a Masterchef cooks, shop where a Masterchef shops.”

Some background info: Coles is the official sponsor of Masterchef Australia.

But does that piece of information say that your cooking skills depend on where you buy your food? I sense a movie script coming on =D


Week 1, done!

And like that, the first week of my second semester is done.
That’s a lie, I will watch the major dramas from the first semester tomorrow in 12 hours.

But other than that, this week’s been great!

First off, I want to congratulate the Zeldathon Team for pulling off a great Zeldathon this summer. THey aimed to raise $7500 and ended up with $13000. Yes, you read that right. That much.

If this formula keeps up for each Zeldathon, we will raise over $17000 this winter, but I’ll get back to that later in this post.

So, the first week of school…

We had script editing (morning classes now, I will miss sleeping till 11, but now I can fic up my sleep schedule, so I shouldn’t complain).
Script editing is going nice. It will be like last semester, except instead of a 6 minute short we are going for 14. Mine’s going to be a buddy movie about two guys that works as Grim Reapers and whatnot, so stay tuned for that.
Next week will not have script editing, but all those classes will be replaced by directing, so that’s cool.
I still have to work on my script though, so I’ll be busy.

Speaking of scripts, I checked what scripts were chosen for the first semester’s to pick from and sadly mine wasn’t chosen (I don’t remember if I ever told you about me hoping it to get picked), but a big congratulations to the scripts that got chosen, I’ll get you with my ninjas.

We also had thesis class this morning, and what basically that is is, well, um…
It’s making a movie based out of an idea, taking notes through the whole process and hope at the end you have learned something about making movies.
As homework we need to come up with three different concepts we would like to explore. We are apparently allowed to use our scripts from first semester, but I’ll not use it. It’s good and all, but I want to see what I can do.

Then we had Screen Studies which the teacher like to call mislabeled and that it’s basically a Director class, which makes me a bit confused I guess, since I have Directing next week…
As homework, we are going to form teams of two and create a soundscape which other people later will make images for.

And now when all the school stuff is out of the way, back to Zeldathon winter.

As I have said before, I want to go there and be all Swedishly awesome as I was last year, but this time even more so since people know who I am this time.
And as you know I may or may not have the money for it, so I set up a ChipIn (donation link in above the dead checklist by the way)
Well, now “Help Silver get a plane ticket to Zeldathon” finally has an official name!
I present Operation Every Cloud (because it’s funny, and it works on so many levels)

What Operation Every Cloud is, is basically me being more silly than usual, taking viewer interaction to a new level to help them support my cause for the plane ticket!

This Operation will include roleplaying with the people in our chatroom and paying more attention to the chat than ever before and all different kinds of silly things.
I’m planning to create a Let’s Play specifically for this Operation, but so far it’s still in, well, planning stages.

So far I have actually got one donation of $10, but PayPal is being all weird about it and won’t give me the money, so I have told them of what is going on and why, so we’ll see what they say.

I do urge you to tell your friends about Operation Every Cloud, because together we can get this silly Swede to Zeldathon winter!

I can be found streaming on Zeldathon between the hours 1:30 AM to 7 AM EDT. However, that schedule is a bit shaky because of school.

See you later =)

All nighter

As I write this, Zeldathon ARC is nearing its final hours and I have stayed up very late although I have school early morning on Monday.
I was supposed to play roleplaying games today, something that hasn’t happened in a few weeks due to various circumstances. But my GM mysteriously disappeared even after I checked and doublechecked that today we were finally going to play. I am disappointed, but I know that he has important reasons to not show up, so I will not blame him. He could have given me a message though. Oh well, there’s always next week.

So, I’m actually pretty excited for school again. I have my script finished and ready to be edited. I might also get some more skills in directing as that’s one of my electives.

Ah, funny thing about Zeldathon while it’s still in my mind:
There was an auction of Mike’s hat atthe final four hours, and since I like fedoras so much I decided to bid.
Quickly I decided to make my limit $50 as I need to save for my plane ticket and whatnot. I didn’t even think it would get that high.
I ended up bidding $133 in the end, pushing and pushing my limit. I guess I really wanted that hat.
I didn’t win the hat though, some guy called KKL bid $215 for it. Oh well, better luck next time.
The best thing was that the chatroom was cheering on me all the way while the Zeldathon team told me to save my money for the plane ticket and food. My response? “Noodles. I can do this.”

But yea, congrats KKL for the hat, I’ll get you with my ninjas.

This means I will instead try to save for the plane ticket, which you can support by donating. There should be a link for you t ocopy paste in the menu thing on the right, over the checklist (why is that thing still there btw?)


See you later =)

Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head

So it has been raining non-stop for the past few days now. It’s winter, where’s the snow?

But wait, there’s more.
Now the rain is starting to interfere with my dreams, I’m serious.

Two days ago, I dreamt it was raining while I was walking around where I live (back in Sweden, not here in Australia)
Of course, the rain didn’t bother me as I used heating superpowers as an umbrella to shield me and a person next to me from the rain. It was awesome.

The other time was last night. Poor Sydney was flooded while a guy in my school tried to shoot a documentary. The flood dream part lasted only for about 10 seconds, but still.

I was lucky to get my shopping done today while it wasn’t raining as much. 5 meters away from my home after I was done the sky opened up and dumped everything it had.

Lucky you guys that have summer and less rain.

See you later =)

Flight update

A summarisation of this long post can be found at the bottom of it.


Alright guys, just did some research for my Zeldathon flight.

For you who doesn’t know what that is, it’s basically me trying to fly over to Zeldathon this winter.
Info about Zeldathon can be found here:

Anyway, so I had this thought that maybe flying from Sweden to America would be cheaper. It was pretty cheap last time.
It turned out that it will cost me $200 AUD less to fly to Sweden at this time compared to America.

I was planning on flying to Sweden first, but after seeing those numbers, probably not.

I still have the donation thingie up (can be found here: ) however, I have lowered the total to $1000 instead of $2000. It makes it a bit more realistic and will motivate me to save money.

I also noted that my ‘silly face’ image on the site looks rather creepy when scaled down… I probably have to fix that sometime…

Last winter’s Zeldathon was one of the most amazing things I have experienced, and I know that this winter’s will be even more awesome, so I hope that I will get enough money to actually get there, with or without your help (but preferrably with ;) )

If you have no idea who I am or why you should support this, head on over to between 1 AM and 8 AM MC time (the time listed on the site), which is the times I usually stream. However, I will start streaming less from now on for two reasons:
1. Zeldathon summer this 19th to the 23rd.
2. School, starting the 25th

And that would be all of it.


To summarise in case you didn’t want to read all of the text in my long post.

1. Will try to get to Zeldathon winter.
2. Will fly to America first as the ticket prices are pretty much the same.
3. Lowered the total needed to $1000 for various reasons.
4. Creepy images.
5. I stream at, but it will change a bit.
6. I summarised this post into six points.

Relevant links:

See you later =)

Sydey Film School festival!

So the two festival days has been great, and to top it off I get to walk home in this beautiful summer rai-

Nevermind, it’s winter here.

Anyway, let me tell you about the various highlights of the festival, in roughly chronological order.

First things first: since I have never been to the place we were having the festival on, i checked the map and it looked pretty far from here, so I got up extra early (around 10, the festival didn’t start until 13.00), buuut it turned out that that was not the case, so I spent 2 hours playing my DS while waiting for the thing to start. Heh.

While on the train to the festival, I couldn’t help but smile at the voice saying “Doors closing, please stand clear.” While it’s a pretty generic phrase, the voice said it like it was the most proudest thing he had ever done, taking it way to serious while sounding way to manly. It was hilarious. On the way home I got the normal voice they use, slightly less impressive, but better than the ones we have in Sweden.

I managed to surprise Leslie, my teacher and head of studies, by revealing that I am in fact from Sweden. He had always thought I was a local. What?
Apparently no one thinks I have a Swedish accent but more of an American. This is what happens when I spend too much time with my friends ;)

No movies I worked on was screened during the first day, but I did get to see some really impressing movies.

The second semester students graduated, so we saw some silly clips of them from during their stay in SFS, I already now dread for the day they will put my silly face on the big screen =P
We were also informed that the diplomas they got for the day was fake due to them ending up all over, so the real ones will be sent later.

The next day I had to get money, or rather, change, for my train ticket to the festival, but all I had was a $50 (tickets were 1.60)
So what do I do? I head to the shop, buy me some cookies and pay with the $50, saying I hate when that happens (while I do, I said it in a way that made it seem it accidentally happened). Yes, I am that sneaky.

Back at the festival, I only arrived an hour or so early, but that’s nothing that can’t be spent playing Solitaire and Hasami Shogi.

Not much happened during hte first half of the day, except wonderful movies and the like.

I offered my jacket to a friend who were cold like a gentleman. A gentleman with a really weird sense of humour.

Finally got to see Visitor, and boy was I disappointed. I was most of the time confused over what was happening on the screen, and I had been working on it. It was, however, intersting to see how the final version ended up waaay different from what we had actually shot.
It was also an amazing feeling to see my name scroll past the screen for 3 seconds during the credits. It’s sad to know that only people who want to work in movies (and my family) will be the only ones to read the credits (the former because to look for people to hire and the latter to confirm that I did end up in a film school)

Now for the bad thing of the day!
I got a sudden dizzy spell while watching the final two movies of a screening. Don’t worry, I felt much better after getting some air.
I’m not sure why it happened, but I got a couple of theories.
The first one being that there were too much disturbing movies. No really, two really weird and disturbing movies in a row. Bleh.
Another theory the ones around me thought is that I had a lack of food. While I was hungry, I had made sure to eat a proper breakfast and it had never happened before while I had been hungry.
Ate a proper meal, but still felt a bit weird for the rest of the day. Feeling back to my normal, delicious, silly, Swedish self now, so no worries =)

The final screening session was presented by Gretel Killeen ( and that was by far the best presentation ever.

Next up was Delving Deeper, the documentary I have been the sound guy on. I really liked how it ended up. My name is also more noticable in the credits this time. Mostly because our crew were really small and my name was three lines away from the next guy, so you were pretty much forced to read it =3

And finally it’s time for the awards!

While I hoped I would win something before the award night, when it actually started I really hoped I wouldn’t. That’s strange… I mean, I don’t have stage fright or anything.

Anyway, so I ended up not winning any awards, turned out there wasn’t even an award for best clapper loader, but it was all great, everyone had such great award speeches, ranging from “Thanks *dashes off stage*” to thanking the crew and making a joke at oneselfs expense.

I did have a small speech prepared:
“In lack of better things to say, I will quote Keanu Reeves: Whoa.”

Not to say that there were some serious speeches out there, but that was the minority of them. Spirits were high and everyone had a good time.

Looking forward to the next semester, but I have to spend my break writing a script for it. Yup, the first class will be Script Editing, and I will need a script to edit.

See you later =)

The next few days.

So yesterday I had orientation day for the second semester, and it looks like I will have many morning classes this time. Got into the script writing and directing elective, yes!

Daniel has left the room until the 27th to travel around Australia before his school starts. I could do the same, but I’m saving money (even though I got more now =D )

Tomorrow the film festival starts and I hope to win some prizes, hopefully for my job as a Clapper Loader, but we’ll see. The festival ends thursday, so expect a new post by then.

See you later =)


And just like magic, I have more money again!

I’ll try to save the money better this time so that I can have enough for Zeldathon (and my plane home), but this time however, I don’t need to buy a laptop and unless Nintendo decides to release the third version of Pok√©mon gen V in the next 6 months, I’ll be set =D

In other news, Daniel, my new room mate, is a pretty cool dude.

See you later =)

Challenger approaching!

Just got a new room mate! His name is Daniel, german, and will stay here for 6 months, cool.

So far he has proven himself to be a nice guy. What I imply with that I have no idea.

However, this means I will no longer get the room for myself and might have to move the computer down to the living room again…

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