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Monthly Archives: August 2011


Right, so today I don’t got that much to talk about.
Cinematography went well, bur my feet hurt after standing for hours.
The laptop should return tomorrow or friday. Probably friday as I will be in school when the courier will show up on thursday (if he shows up)

So let’s talk about something interesting now when I will almost get my computer back: dream signs.
A day or two before my laptop was sent away for repair I had a dream in which I lost a tooth or two. Losing teeth in a dream usually stands for ‘change’. This would only make sense either if your dreams can predict the future or if your unconscious mind is extremely amazing (which it is btw).
So what change happened? Well, not only did I get computer-less, I started taking different routes to school, went to the cinema and am varying the food I buy. Yesterday I got another type of apple juice for instance.

Losing teeth in my dreams happens from time to time, but this is probably the first time the changes weren’t subtle.

Now, my question is: am I going back to my old life once I get the computer back? I sure hope not.

See you later =)



Well, today ha certainly been interesting!

First, in cinematography class we shot a short horror movie, and later we recorded a ‘reverse fire evacuation’, don’t ask ;)
Later we shot some other smaller things. Mine was a record player. Again: don’t ask.

But when I checked my cellphone (to see the date) I noticed I had got a text, from Toshiba!
The laptop is now finished with repairs, so I should have it back by the weekend =D

Things I have learned today:
That I shouldn’t operate a camera. (Well, I already knew this…)
What a jib is.
And other things I can’t currently remember as I’m both hungry and tired.

See you later =D


That’s one week gone and I’m writing this just minutes after getting a text from Toshiba that their initial testing is done and that they are now waiting for repair parts. Still no date on when they are done, but just getting some information is better than nothing.

This applies to my life in general. I’m looking at you, Niklas…

Anyway, so while I was cooking dinner (pasta and hot dogs) I was thinking that instead of reading books before bed I read movie scripts. You can’t believe how interesting that actually is.
Then I started thinking that, in the future, instead of reading bedtime stories to my kids I’ll just pull up a movie script to read.
“Today we will follow the adventures of a boy named Luke Skywalker…”
I’ll be such an awesome dad =D

Lastly, I have been starting to take different routes back and forth from school. Well, only the half towards my home, but still. The new sights prevents me from being in my own little world, but it looks pretty good =)

See you later =)


Just finished reading the script for Toy Story. Usually I get to read drafts, but it was pretty cool. Thanks imsdb.

Other than that I have been quite bored today. Was thinking of drawing a silly Minecraft comic, we’ll see how that goes.

It seems like I’m going to throw out a post every day, making the following weeks the most I have ever blogged.

Almost one week out of the two to four it’s supposed to take to fix the laptop is over. I know it’s a netbook, but I still say laptop. What’s the difference anyway?

Next week I will have cinematography classes. Hopefully that will end well.

See you later =)


Nothing much has happened today, at all.

Still waiting for an answer from Toshiba. 2-4 weeks seems to be standard, and so far almost 1 week is done.

My dreams are getting more awesome, so that’s nice.

See you later =)


Sorry for being late, but I can’t seem to get Internet to work properly sometimes o_O
Anywuts, so yesterday I had my pitch. It ended quite well and after I was done I realised more things I could have said…
Hopefully I’ll get shortlisted, we will find that out in the next few days.

The creativity/withrawal burst is gone, it’s getting warmer outside and I’m getting better at lucid dreaming! Yay!

Today nothing much has happened, have a headache for some unexplainable reason. Hopefully it will get over soon.

Still no word from Toshiba, I’m eagerly waiting.

See you later =)


Got a mail from Toshiba saying they recieved the laptop and that they will get back for the estimated repair time.

In the meantime, I have worked on my pitch for tomorrow and hopefully it will end well.

I beat OoT for the first time today, the final boss was a bit disappointingly simple =/
At least I can finally say I have beaten the game. Now to play Master Quest!

Other than that I start to feel like I’m going crazy. It’s probably just laptop withrawal, but it might be my creative mind wanting to create stuff but it’s unable to (at least for the things I want to create)

See you later =)


Day one withot my laptop: done.

It was a pretty interesting day, let me tell you.
First off, I found Rayman in the 3DS eShop. Naturally I got it.
Then my roommate suggested that I should go and explore the city while I wait for the laptop. While it sounded like a great idea I had important homework to be done, due thursday.
So I went to the shopping centre to refill my supply of apple juice when in the corner of my eye I noticed something: A big red sign that said ‘IntenCity’ at the far end of the centre. It looked like an arcade hall, so I decided to check it out.
And that’s when I saw it: right next to the arcade was a cinema. I spent the afternoon watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2. It was a good movie.
Back home I decided to continue playing OoT3D and I’m almost done now! All I have left is two sages in Ganon’s tower.

Oh! I have a Formspring now, so you can ask me all different kinds of silly questions: http//

See you later =)

Another one bites the dust

Yup, so the hard disc seems to have some weird error on it. The computer tells me it might fail at any moment. At least I have everything backuped.

This will probably be the last day I will be using it before I contact Toshiba to see what they will do to it. I still have my warranty, but the guy over at JB HiFi where I bought it tells me it will take 2 to 4 weeks to get it repaired.

Problem is, I got much homework to get done within one week, which is a movie script and preperations for the pitch in 2 weeks. Not to mention my thesis project requires me to contact composers and will impede my research in music…

I will still be able to access Internet while home, using my 3DS, but I won’t be able to do more than to update the blog every now and then. I will also be able to access my email.

My current plan is to try and finish the script before contacting Toshiba.

See you later =)

The good, the bad, the funny

So today I have good news, funny news and bad news for you.

Let’s start with the funny news:
My dreams are starting to get more vivid and more awesome, so that’s cool.
The dream I had last night involved three characters I have created myself: Rodney, Sharon and Greenmushroom.
The cool thing is that when you dream, your mind uses faces you have seen during your life, even if you are aware of it or not. But my brain seem to like to make faces of people I have never seen before (or maybe I have?)
The first one to appear out of those three was Greenmushroom. Here’s a link to his image:
The Greenmushroom I saw in my dream was based off his original design: no goggles. There were also no floating hands in the dream. Shortly after being introduced in the dream he turned into a horribly lopsided plushie toy for some reason.
Next up was Rodney:
I didn’t see much of him, but I noticed he was wearing the same clothes as in the image, and I’m dead sure I have never seen those clothes before (except in the image of course)
Last up was Sharon:
Not the best of images, but still.
She had a brief appearance punching an evil doppelganger who had taken my shape. I have no idea why I decided to cheer on her as I saw my unconscious body on the ground…
In conclusion: It seems like pinching myself and repeatedly thinking “TMP TMP TMP TMP” is finally working!

Now for the good news!
Today on Silver’s Morning Show (my streaming time on many people mentioned donating to Operation Every Cloud! I hold them off though since I need to change some things for it first…

And finally the bad news:
My hard drive seems to be broken, the computer has crashed a lot recently and I got a warning that it needs to be replaced/repaired D=
I’m currently backing up everything to my external hard drive and will take the laptop to the store this weekend, hopefully.
This will impede on my script editing and general homework making. Actually, it will impede on pretty much everything…

And that would be all for today.

See you later.

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