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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Status update

So I have had this weird headache for the last few days.
It shows up around 6 PM (18:00) and goes on for a few hours. Every. Single. Day.
The headache is one of the reasons I cut down my streaming time on tzn for two hours. Another reason is so that I can focus more on my homework.

Yesterday I got another $125 for Operation Every Cloud, throwing us up to $300! We are getting there ^^
By the way, the ChipIn page doesn’t tell the truth for various reasons.

I told the otehr guys streaming at tzn to promote OEC during their streams, so that will hopefully help a bit.

A small update for the MC vs Silver minithon: it will only be 10 hours and 10 games (9 as one is goint ot be a cook-off =3 ) and after that we will hold the auction. I got some really great DVDs and I will even include bonus drawings!

The weather hasn’t been hot ever since my “Summer?” update. It has either been raining or cloudy. The temperature is just about right though, although a little warmer wouldn’t hurt.

I have been thinking of posting the next Villain Cooking Show and 10 More Facts About A Silly Swede, but I can’t seem to think of 10 interesting facts and for the cooking show… I have no idea.

The $50 challenge is going well. I just wish I could have thought of that when I landed in Australia instead of waiting until now.
What’s worse: I have to pitch in $25 for the Web of Love (that musical I’m clapper on) as a food budget. Sure that will cover 5 days, but still.
Wait, that might actually be a good thing…


See you later =)



What?! Two posts on the same day? That’s just silly.

Well, basically I just got a nice Operation Every Cloud update for you.

First off: I double checked how much money I have left after rent and the $50 challenge, 1900.
Plane ticket to America: 2200.
Plane ticket to Sweden: 2000.
Plane ticket to Sweden from America: Roughly 900.

This means I need to get OEC to work if I even want to get back to Sweden, heh.

Secondly, and also OEC related (like everything else I’m going to post in this post): OEC went plus another $25 today! And another $25 in the next few days!

We are going to promote OEC even more over at tzn, so I’m not the only one to tell people that I want to go to America.

Today the $50 challenge got another $2 added to it as I had to buy donuts.
Why did I have to buy donuts you ask?
Because a guy said he’d donate $10 if I ate a donut on stream. He did =D
Watch the video here:

I will sometime hold an auction for OEC in which I will auction away DVDs I have here as I will not be able to bring with me everything I got due to weight limits on airplanes. Hopefully that will bring in some money.

October 8th will be the date for the MC vs Silver minithon at the Zeldathon Network! We are going to play 12 games for 12 hours and raise money for OEC. Hopefully that will bring in at least a hundred.

We got many supporters for this, and we can actually make this happen!
Examples include people trying to find cheaper tickets and even ask their friends to fly me over(!) but we’ll see about that.

Please tell your friends to at least check the page out. A shorter link is: (it still leads to the same page)

On a side note, if we actually raise enough money it will be an actual “Every cloud has a silver lining!”

See you later =)


Remember me mentioning summer and spring and whatnot in the last post?
Well, it has been raining non-stop ever since that thing was posted, starting after a few hours.

Yesterday I was thinking of getting some McDonald’s for dinner, so I checked my $50 challenge budget and noticed I got 7.40 left for this week.
I could get dinner there for roughly that amount, but I want to go at laest $5 plus every week, if not more.
It ended with me getting a lasange from the freezer and cooked some vegetables.

See you later =)


So today has been a really hot day.
2 days ago it was pretty cold, but finally winter is ending and spring is up, even if it feels like summer.
At school I was really looking forward to a cool breeze, but I got none, not even from the fan that was in the room during the crew meeting.
On my way home, there’s a really strong cool breeze, so I got what I wanted in the end =)

Like many other, when it’s hot you miss the cold and the other way around. I have determined I like it when it’s in between hot and cold.

Going to work on my thesis project: looking for a composer.

See you later =)

Silly thoughts

Inconvenience is when you are a superhero with the power to store things such as your wallet or your food in a hammerspace and you are exposed to your weakness, leaving you unable to use your power for 24 hours the day you have to turn in important homework.

Something I though up while I was eating.

See you later =)

Week 2!

It’s the second week of the $50 challenge, and as you may or may not see, I didn’t spend all of it =D

Shortly after posting this I will go to the store since my food convenietly ran out in time for the next week of the challenge. Timing!

A couple of days ago more people moved in, and for once it’s not a Swede or Englishman (even though I heard one will move in soon, too.). His name is Marco and is from Italy.

Have anyone else noticed my posts seem shorter after I got my laptop back?

That would be all for now.

See you later =)

This week

Oh hi.

So nothing big has happened this week, kinda.
Got back to streaming, been missing that. I got to eat cake on screen and finished the Nuzlocke run of LeafGreen. I won!
Minecraft got updated to 1.8 AFTER I got my laptop back and I played it on stream too. It was amazing excpet I can’t find any caves to explore. Endermen doesn’t seem to be as creepy as I firts thought them to be either.

At Tuesday I had crew meeting for Web of Love, Sydney Film School’s first musical! I was in the same script editing class as the guy who wrote it, so this is going to be amazing. My crew role is as clapper/data wrangler (sounds silly doesn’t it =P)

Fun fact: I’m writing this on the floor of the living room as the wireless doesn’t seem to work and the cable is a metre long.

This weekend I will be doing more streaming (provided Internet work again) and search for a composer for my thesis project. First I have to finish the story for the thesis project though.

And finally: The $50 challenge seems to be going well. Sure I didn’t need to buy much this week, but it does help having some kind of limit. If it goes extremely well I can reduce the limit to $45, then $40 and so on (but not too low)

See you later =)


Laptop’s back! Yay!
I have tons of things to catch up on, 3 weeks of OCremix music for example.

I also have to reinstall a lot of things, but it shouldn’t take long until I’m up and running again =)

The $50 challenge has begun, and I’m pretty sure the first item bought will be a cake for the Silver’s Return Party Extravaganza on TZN.

This is also post 100, so now I’d love to hear your comments on what you like best about this blog, what you like least and maybe even some other suggestions?

See you later =)


Almost 3 weeks of Toshiba’s 2-4 weeks.

I hope I get it back before 30.

In other news, been ‘preparing’ for the $50 challenge, and I will start out on the plus side: $54.75.
The idea is to not spend any more than 50 a week, with the remaining money to be used for the plane ticket. I’ll even try to keep a counter here on the blog stating various things such as this week’s most expensive item, how much I have left and maybe even a daily average spent?

Finally, I have spent the day on the couch, reading stories and about screenplays. It’s really interesting.

See tou later =)


Alright guys, today started out pretty boring, but ended well.

First off: the Swedish guy’s girlfriend arrived this morning. Arvid’s (the guy) Swedishness was enough already, but now the Swedishness is making my head hurt. Serioulsy. The look Swedish, talk Swedish, act Swedish.
Nothing bad at Swedes, but I’m supposed to be pretty far from Sweden…

Anywuts, went to school to use their computers to chat to people over at TZN, but for some reason none of the computers worked (I’m not sure if it was because they were Mac’s, which isn’t THAT great imo…)
So I headed home, but decided to take a detour and ended up in a nice park close to Central station.

After I got home boringness ensued. For a while.
Decided to read some stories and TV Tropes before I headed to Coles to buy some food.

Now, at Coles I got this great idea:

Basically, Operation Every Cloud isn’t going as well as I’d hoped. The fact that I haven’t been able to entertain the masses for three weeks certainly doesn’t help. Therefore I have decided to create a $50 challenge for myself.
Every week I get to use 50 AUD to buy food and watch movies or whatever. This will probably allow me to spare some money for the plane ticket (but please keep donating for OEC)
I will start the challenge on Monday, at my 100th post and the day my laptop is sent back but not necessarily returned.

See you later =)

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