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The Operation regarding Every Cloud!

So MC, my buddy over in America did some checking and…

Well, he found some really cheap tickets (comparing to the $2000 back to Sweden) for $700. He also found a $1900 to America.

So what does this mean?


Yes, through Operation Every Cloud we have managed to raise enough money to get me on a plane to Zeldathon. Please, still keep donating just to be on the safe side (people with my Swedish bank account could throw in the money there directly ;) )

I’m so happy right now.

This does present me with some options though regarding the DVD auction I was planning on having:
Should I still have the auction in which I will sell away some PAL region DVDs or should I have them shipped to my home back in Sweden?

Also, for all of you who are wondering, here’s the amount we got (as the Chip-In page isn’t 100% accurate since some people donated by other means. PayPal also took out a small sum with every donation):
Amount in PayPal: $605.42 USD. 103.28 SEK
Amount in Cash donations: $9.75 AUD

This is so exciting =D

Thank you all for your help and support. I seriously couldn’t have done it without your help.

Also, in case you are wondering about the upcoming Zeldathon, you can read up on it here:
It will be a weeklong (yes, you read it right. 7 days) marathon in which we will be all silly and dressed up as characters from the games.

See you later =D


Web of Love!

And I’m finally back from the film shoot of Web of Love. I will go through each day in this post of what happend and whatnot.

DAY 1:
It was exciting to be back on a film set. We started to film at The Opera Centre. Moving boxes and gear was pretty tiring, but at least I got my own space for the data wrangling:

We have to back up the camera files multiple times, 2 being the minimum. This applies for any film shoot.

Setting up the set after lunch (or was that before? I can’t remember). The scene is supposed to take place within the main character’s mind. Did I mention it’s a musical?

Speaking of lunch: we had tons of food and I tried to eat as much as possible. Hey, I did pay $25 to the food budget and I don’t intend to waste money. We had all different kinds of food during the days, and it was all delicious.

Keep the clapper board clean and easy to read.
I sure did.

Being the clapper wasn’t as hectic as last time, at least not during the first few days. I have noticed that being the clapper is pretty fun actually =D

Between shots I tried to spread information about OEC. Some tries were more subtle than others. I managed to really annoy one guy with it, but in the end we agreed on that if I don’t tell him anything more about it (unless he happens to be around when I’m telling someone else) he will try to find some coins to donate. At day 3 he gave me 30 cents. Woop =D

We went past our planned wrap time and missed some shots, so we missed out on some valuable hours we could rest on.

I leave the set with “Spell” the first song of my musical stuck on my head. I don’t like playing the same song repeatedly without something else in between, but that’s not how it works on set. We had to play the same section over and over again…

On my way home I saw a white limousine. It looked really silly. Seeing a real one instead one on TV or in cartoons is just weird. It was like the middle section was stretched out: the windows were really long and if I could have seen where the car doors were, they probably would also have been.

DAY 2:
Breakfast was delicious. During the delicious lunch (chicken) I explained why I tried to eat as much as possible to the ones at my table (Shuzo, my Japanese friend and Shane, the guy who owns the RED camera and looks like Adam Savage)

Setting the stage for the next song in the musical: Web of Love. Can you guess why it’s called that? =P

It was really relaxing after lunch. I’m not sure why else as my notes doesn’t say anything else other than “Relaxed after lunch”
This is why I write things dowm: so I don’t forget. Yet it seems that I did…

Feet starts to hurt again. I don’t like standing up for too long, so I tried to take any chance I could get to sit down.

I was silly with Joel, the main actor, since I had to be close whenever I was going to clap. One notable things during a shot where the main character had to catch his falling girlfriend I was all “I’ll catch her first!”.
Joel played along. It was great.
Things like that happened during day 1 as well.


Towards the end of the day we got some problem: the batteries didn’t want to charge properly and with each passing minute we lost more and more power. We managed to finish up before we lost our last one, though.

There was also much food and foot pains that day.

DAY 3:
It started out great! We moved from our Opera Centre location to Sydney Uni, which is even closer to where I live. A new challenge for that day was to wrap before 9 as that’s when they close the building. We were in the Moot Court room in the Law building in case you wanted to know.

Well… we actually shot in a room right next to this one. We didn’t shoot in this until day 4.

There were a lot of progress during the morning hours. What it took us all day to achieve day 1 took us helf the time this day.

For you who has been paying attention and stuff, you might know that my other job besides slapping people’s noses with the clapper board is to transfer the film we shot to the computer and back it up. Here are my thoughts:

What data wrangling sounds like when you first hear about it.

What it actually is.

We got some sound trouble at one point during the day. The sound recording device stopped working and we had to switch to a P2 camera to shoot sound at. This also made it so with every sound take we got some behind the scenes footage.

Also, feet hurt.

For dinner we had KFC chicken, right after we wrapped. It was delicious, as expected. I even got to take some with me home =D

Lying in bed I could hear the voices from the people during the day going all “Martin, getting ready for a take.” and “QUIET ON SET!”
I wasn’t the only one experiencing this.

DAY 4:
Today we made even more progress that yesterday! We were also shooting in the actual court room this time.

I was once again silly with Joel. Walking up to a microphone (which was on) and saying “I accuse Adrian Cantone of being a wizard. He clearly put a spell on Rebecca!”
(‘Put a spell on me’ is a line in Adrian’s song and also something Rebecca says at the end of the movie.)
Many laughs happened.

We had thai food for lunch. It wasn’t much, but some of it still was delicious. Also, I have no idea why i took the curry beef since I don’t like curry. Maybe I’m trying to like it better?

My feet didn’t hurt as much today. It might be because I got proper chairs to sit on (and there were many of them as well.)

DAY 5:

Proof that I have an image of the Opera House. The picture was taken at our location.

Did somebody order a LARGE HARBOUR BRIGDE?!

This is the day in which we were shooting all the exterior shots.

On the way to the location I took the train, and the announcer guy sounded really excited and over-the-top (“NeEext stop: Museum!”)
On the train back it was that regular voice that thinks his job is the greatest ever (I’m pretty sure by now that it is a computer talking, but still).

It was a really hot summer day. I miss the cold.

Joel. He’s a good actor and is pretty awesome in general.

Candece, the girl who plays the other main character Rebecca. I also stole her a couple times from Adrian (the character Joel played).
I gave her back though since people would have yelled at me otherwise.

For one shot we needed tons of extras. As it happened: a family of 20 or so people (relatives) walked by and wondered what we were doing. We acplained and had them be hte extras for the shot. It was awesome!

After we were done there we headed back to Sydney Uni for some more exterior shots.

During the final hours there were a lot of running. In fact, so much that at least two people compared it to an episode of Doctor Who.

The very final hour were very panicky as we had tons of things to do before the building close down. We made it though. Barely.

And that was the 5 day shoot of Web of Love!
I had tons of fun, tons of foot pains and tons of delicious food.
At some point we might have to shoot pick-ups, but I’m not going to worry about that now.


I will now have to work on my thesis movie. I’m also going to help out in others by acting and such. There are over 70 thesis films to be shot and finished before the film festival this December.
Got a total of 30 cents for OEC during the entire 5 days.
I just got the news bulletin for Syndey Film School, and as expected: they advertised OEC.
Many people suggested me to get a job, but I’m not good at that D=
My feet still hurt, 25 hours after we wrapped.

That would be all for now.

See you later =)

Good bye!

So this will be my last blog post…

…for a couple of days.

Tomorrow we are going to have the film shoot and it will run for 5 days. I will have to get up early eery day as it will be a full-time shoot and when I get back I will most likely be extremely tired, so I will not post anything.

Fixing up some small things before I will head to bed.

Don’t forget to check out the progress of Operation Every Cloud.

See you later =)


So today I put up a flyer at school about OEC, it was awesome!

Before it even was printed out, Urasha, awesome as she is, donated $9.45!
But wait, it gets better! It never showed up in the printer (or so I thought), so the girl who handles the school’s newsletter noticed it and asked if it was mine.
She then offered to post it in the next newsletter!

The marathon went great! I won just barely: we both ended up with 5 points, so the audience voted for me to win.
We also raised a hundred and seventy something dollars!

We will soon hold an auction in order to raise even more!

If you are curious how much is raised, head over here:

Meanwhile, MC is plotting to find a way to keep me in America once I arrive.

Oh boy.

See you later =)

10 more random facts about a silly Swede!

Because why not?

1. I’m a person that likes it when the weather is not too hot or too cold (eg. Spring and Autumn)

2. I do not like spicy food. If this is because of the Hot Sauce from Z:ADA I have no idea, but it’s a possibility.

3. I have never shaved my beard ever. I’ll do that sometime after I return to Sweden.

4. Sometimes things can remind me of something totally unrelated. I will explaim “That reminds me!” once it happens.

5. I like to do a silly dance while waiting for food to get ready, but only when people aren’t around. I also occasionally sing.

6. I got a towel with “42” on it. I have yet to use it for something cool other than drying my hands, but I hope it will happen one day.

7. I usually go to bed around midnight, however: I don’t fall asleep until 1:30 or so.

8. I have nothing against Navi. She’s actually helpful in the game (especially if you never played OoT before). Ezlo on the other hand…

9. I think Cane of Pacci is the greatest Zelda item ever.

10. Before I met MC I was extremely shy. I still am a bit, but compared to before…

That’s another batch of silly facts for you.

See you later =)


So, news ahoy!

Fisrt off: the $50 challenge.
Not much has been spent thi week, so that’s cool.
Yesterday I found that they sold 5 1.25l bottles of soda for $5, so I decided to buy that.

Secondly: Zeldathon.
MC has decided that for Zeldathon we are going to dress up as various Zelda characters. I got tons of suggestions to dress up as Ghirahim, but I’m going as Vaati and no-one can stop me. A friend at school is going to help me make the costume, and hopefully it will not break my budget.

Thirdly: The MC vs Silver marathon!
You can find the promo video here:
We start Saturday at 8 PM EDT. After some quick conversion it has been revealed it starts Sunday, 2 in the morning in Sweden and will run for 10 hours. Swedes will either have to stay up during the night or wake up early if they don’t want to miss this. (There will be highlights, but seeing it live is better)

After that I’m going to put up some OEC posters at school. Hopefully that will help in getting at least another $100.

See you later =)

Awesome day!

So today has been great, as evidenced by the post title.

First I was helping out a guy that looks like Adam Savage (the guy from MythBusters) to shoot a trailer for a movie that he is going to make. The plan is to take the trailer to a film festival (I forget which one) in America and hopefully get a budget of 5 million dollars to make the full thing with.

The part we shot was a small thing parodying Yakuza walking (filling up the width of the street with leader in front) but with a bride and bridesmaids!
The movie is called “Another bloody wedding” and can be found here:
I was helping out as a clapper, or something like that. The crew was pretty small, so I just did as I was told. It was pretty cool.
I can help him out more if he needs to, so that’s even cooler!
But wait, there’s more: we needed some extras for the trailer, so I had to act as a bystander, which means I’ll probably be in the trailer as well =D

Next, I get home and starts my usual Silver’s Morning Show stream. It started a bit later than usual due to the film shoot, but while shooting I thought I’d not be able to stream at all today.

But before I started to stream I had to run over to Chinatown and buy a burger. Just not any type of burger, but a kangaroo burger!
That’s right! I can finally cross off “eat kangaroo meat” from the checklist (which I have taken away but not deleted)
How did this happen, you ask? Well: A couple days back the single most awesome viewer at tzn donated $125 with the comment: “This should finance a kangaroo/cow burger taste test, as well as a Super Hang-On competition, yes?…”

The Super Hang-On is for the MC vs Silver minithon next week, but he did know about this blog and the checklist before I took it away.
So by request and such I got the burger (he found the place, he really wanted me to try kangaroo =3 )

You can see the epic comparison between a ‘normal’ burger and a kangaroo burger here:

Next I had a really great time streaming, we got some new viewers and even people from Sweden (ExelWings and my brother) joined in, that rarely happens =D

We ended it off with me and my brother playing some Sanctum. It was awesome!

Now for the sad news: due to having to do the burger comparison I went over the $50 challenge by 2.10. Sure I’m still on the plus side, but I thought I had only spent 31.40 when I left to get the burger and would still survive =/
Well, I got $125 out of it, so I guess it isn’t THAT bad.

And now for some pictures I took with my 3DS camera =D

Setting up the camera. It’s a RED and is pretty cool. I’ll be building that for the musical.

Oh hey, it’s Adam! Wait no, it’s just the director =P

The finished camera. It’s a 300mm lens. I’ll show you why we chose such a long lens.

The actresses. The one in red is obviously the main character.

See that little black blur at the end of the street? That’s the actresses. We needed a long lens to see them from that distance. It looked pretty awesome in the viewfinder though.

We shot in slowmotion, so naturally EVERYONE wanted to see the results on the playback =P

Not sure what to say about this one, but it looks cool.

And now for something I saw on the way to the place that sold the kangaroo burger:
I’m inspired to make a movie out of this =D

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