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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Still busy

I’m still editing my thesis film, at my fifth edit or so. Have got some music from my composer, they sound awesome and I can’t wait for the full thing.

Still very busy, and after I finish the film I have tons of things to write before the festival (14th to 15th)

I’m moving out the 19th of December to fly to America. Yay!

See you later =)


Thesis shoot

This will be a small update as I’m writing this at 11 something pm (evening) on my 3DS with tons of stuff to do tomorrow.

I have finished shooting my thesis film, 63 shots or so, 2 days and 180 clips.

I got a ton of photos too, but because of reasons mentioned I can’t show them today.

What I have to do next is to finish a rough cut to send to my composer as fast as possible.

See you later =)


So today was my 20th birthday. 20 at the 20th =D

It has been a long day, so let me just recap it as I’m currently playing roleplaying games and is trying to pay attention to that.

In the morning I had to go to school and prepare for the shoot at Tuesday, and also get some photos of the girl playing Love Interest. It was really hot during the day, even though it was really cloudy and even started to rain when I was heading home.

Then it was time to stream! Got to stream earlier and had a countdown to 7:36 GMT+1. When it hit party music happened (and my stream suddenly conveniently ended O_O ) and then I went to make tacos!
It was my first time making tacos and it went really well, got to eat 7 and there’s still plenty of food left. It might have been a new record, but I’m not sure.

Right after that I went to play rpg with my Swedish friends and is still doing that as of time of writing. I’m still full after the tacos, and I might not even get to eat the cake I got before I have to go to bed.

Tomorrow I will get more things set up for the shoot which will happen Tuesday and Thursday.

In other news: Got another $100 for OEC! It’s safe to say that I now have enough to fly to America. Woo!

Back to the birthday news: This will be the first birthday I spent without my family, but I got to stream it to my friends at Zeldahton!

Also, here’s the taco making videos for you to watch and enjoy: Part 1 Part 2

See you later =)

Auditions, take 2

Sorry about yesterday’s post, but I was so tired when I got home.

Anyway, let’s try this again, shall we?

So yesterday (and today) I was holding some auditions for my thesis film. Out of 19 applications I got, only 10 responded and 8 showed up. That’s pretty good compared to the other’s thesis films, apparently.

But before we get to that:

Feel the summer! Feeeeeel it!
Now take it, it’s too hot for me.

So for the first audition I was really nervous as it was the very first time I had ever had organised a proper audition.
I did end really well, even if I messed up some questions, but I’m pretty sure the actors were lenient as they knew it was a student film.

Remember that image a few lines up? It was REALLY HOT! I mean it, and being in a hot room without any AC didn’t make things better. Towards the end of the day I was really close of just fainting and I kept blanking out on what I was going to ask during the auditions. I’m so glad I taped them.

In other news:

Something that wasn’t in my room as it was being used by a class D=

So I went through the day with the auditions, everyone was different and interesting, but I can only have 1 of each character in the actual film.

Then, during the evening and the auditions were done I headed home, exhausted and sweaty. It didn’t help it was still hot even though the sun was long gone.

Then I wrote yesterday’s blog post and passed out, but not before getting a message from 2 of the ones who were supposed to be auditioned asking if they could come tomorrow (Tuesday) as they had missed my first message.

I did manage to hold another audition, but only one decided to show up (but she might actually be the one to get the role, but we’ll see after I have checked the tapes)

After that I headed over to check out some more locations for my thesis, it will be a fair number of them, and I might need my own apartment for it as well.

And some bad news: I lost my composer as she got sick yesterday. She won’t be able to work again until the 29th, and I need to have this film done by December 2nd.
Luckily there will be a pitching session at AIM tomorrow for directors who are looking for composers for their films.
My thesis is very music orientated and according to Leslie, if I mention that the film is like “Peter and the Wolf” I will get many applicants.

The reason I managed to actually make a decent post today is probably because it wasn’t as hot as yesterday and that I didn’t have to spend the entire day in a hot room.

That would be all, I guess. I will be quite busy for the next 2 weeks, but expect a post on my birthday ;)

See you later =)


Let’s see if I can type properly now, I’m exhausted.

So today I held the casting session for my thesis film, it went pretty well!

But before I tell you guys about that, here’s an image!
[image of me outside]
Feel the summer! Feeeeeel it!
Now take it, it’s too hot for me.

Anyway, so I was really nervous as this would be the first time I have ever had a proper casting session with people I have no idea who they are.

After the first guy it wasn’t that bad.

I’d tell you more, but I’m seriously exhausted from standing up in a hot room during a hot day all day. And I might have to do some more tomorrow!

I’ll edit this post tomorrow.

See you later =)

The $50 challenge

So I have been running this challenge for a while now, and since I’m bored today I will reveal some things about it.

One purpose of this challenge is to save in money for the plane ticket to Zeldathon this winter. At the time of writing I have saved in $63.65. If I hadn’t created the challenge it would have been so much lower, if not on the negative side.
I guess that most of the money I save will go to christmas gifts to the people over at America for when I get there.

This challenge also served another purpose, a more personal one.
I have been trying to challenge myself into saving money and manage it better.
Before I started the challenge I bought snacks and soda and other things I liked. I had money then, so I didn’t see it as a problem. But then the end of the first semester happened and I realised that I was actually almost out of money. A lot had been spent on things I didn’t have to spend it on.

Then I got more money and I thought nothing of it. That is, until my laptop was sent in for reperation.
I was sitting around in the living room, practicing Zelda II and eating candy when I realised something: I didn’t need the candy. If I wanted to get to Zeldathon I shouldn’t spend the money on things like that.

And so the $50 challenge was started. Why $50? It’s a nice, round number and I thought that would be enough to survive on, but too little to spend on things I wouldn’t need. I was right.

I still buy candy and soda, but only on some Sundays as that’s when I usually play roleplaying games with my friends back in Sweden (via Skype), and I will need some energy to stay awake. And even then it’s not as much as I usually buy.

My life (and economical situation) has been conciderably better since I started the challenge, and I’m thinking of actually continuing it when I get back to Sweden.

See you later =)

Master Ninja Mario

Oh boy, today has been weirdly awesome!

Before I start explaining what happened I’d just like to apologise that I forgot the SD card in my computer, so I was unable to take any pictures D=

For you who don’t know what’s been going on: I was chosen to act in one of my friends’ thesis film as a talking ninja dog. He casted me because he likes my voice and the talking ninja dog was going to be the narrator of the film.

What was my costume, you may ask?

This, minus the head. I kid you not.

So during the morning it was raining, but at the time of the actual shoot a bit later it was cloudy (towards the evening the sun got out =D )

We had to find a new location though, as Shuzo, our director, forgot to get permission. Lesson learned: get permissions! I’ll get to that for my thesis.
Fun fact: the only one to guess I was actually playing a dog was the security guard that drove us out of our first location =3

Me and Mario, the actual ninja in this film (kinda), decided to take the acting to between shots as well and we really developed our characters! Apparently I was a gift from Mario’s grandfather and that Mario would kill me. He never did kill me, but did tons of treaths about cutting my head off (it was awesome =D )

Also, spending the entire day in that suit was really exhausting. It got really hot after a while.

So after a day of shooting we come to the final scene… OH BOY!
In this scene, Natsuko, the love interest between the two rival ninjas in this movie decides to slap and push away Mario, the winner of the duel, and give me a hug because apaprently she liked me all along.
Just as we are setting up that shot Shuzo announces “This is the shot where you give Martin a kiss on the cheek.”
I was all “Wut.”
After that I was confused, smiling and wondering what happened to the hug. I like hugs.
Shuzo said he decided to change it yesterday.
I warned him that I would not be able to keep a straight face. (But it didn’t really matter, he wanted me to smile)
Sure enough, when it happened I started smiling, snickering and then start to laugh. I’m still not entirely sure why.

And that’s the day. It was only a one day shoot and we got everything we needed. I’m looking forward to see the film at the film festival.

Also: all food was paid for this day. Money has been saved for Operation Every Cloud!

See you later =)


I haven’t posted in a while, so here’s what’s going on:

For the last two days, starting around 4 we got thunderstorms. It really made this place feel like autumn and not spring. I approve.

I was supposed to talk with my composer for my thesis film a couple days ago, but that never happened for some reason o_O

Tomorrow I’m going to act in my friend’s thesis as a talking ninja dog that’s the narrator of the film (don’t ask)

My birthday is also coming up next week! Taco eatings will happen!

Also, the press page for Zeldathon Child’s Play has been updated! You can read it here:

See you later =)

The last hug

Today I had a short lucid dream. It was the best lucid dream I have ever had.

I saw my grandma in it and rushed over to give her a hug. I was so happy to see her again that I began to cry. It was so vivid as well and everything felt real: the hug, the tears, grandma.
I didn’t want to let go, but sadly I lost ludicity and the dream went on.

I have been thinking about that short dream during the day, and every time I do it makes me teary-eyed.

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