Silver travel

See what Silver is up to.

Leaving soon!

First off: Sorry for not posting the mega post, I have been busy and now my AC adapter broke so I’m running out of power for my laptop.

I’m also busy packing my bags because in less than 24 hours I will be on an airplane to America!

Now, to make my family less worried, here’s my flight schedule:

Sydney Kingsford Smith (SYD) to Los Angeles International (LAX)
Departure (SYD): December 19, 12:00 PM EST (noon)
Arrival (LAX): December 19, 6:50 AM PST (morning)

Los Angeles International (LAX) to Detroit Wayne County (DTW)
Departure (LAX): December 19, 9:00 AM PST (morning)
Arrival (DTW): December 19, 4:32 PM EST (afternoon)

Detroit Wayne County (DTW) to Erie International (ERI)
Departure (DTW): December 19, 7:36 PM EST (evening)
Arrival (ERI): December 19, 8:39 PM EST (evening)

I will try to get some Wi-fi at the airports to update you guys with changes or things like that using my 3DS.

I will also record some stuff I don’t have to run too much at the airports as the 3DS can now record video!

See you later!


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