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Zeldathon is over!

Zeldathon is over! Sad face. However, I got a spike of… 200 viewers O_O
Guess that was from my little advertisement during Zeldathon =P
Anyways, I will fly back to Sweden on the 8th, so I’ll just grab my shiny new camera and pack my bags.

In general, Zeldathon was awesome! We managed to raise over $15000 and I was once again the most popular guy at the event even though the ohters did a great job as well (Charissa singing and dancing whenever she was there and Andy as the Great Fairy to name a few things)

Expect me to update my flight information tomorrow.

See you later =)


One response to “Zeldathon is over!

  1. Wilco January 7, 2012 at 00:11

    Was great fun to watch you, along with the rest of the crew at zeldathon! Had great fun watching and it’s great that you managed to bring in this much money!

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