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Around the world in +300 days

I got nothing on Phineas Fogg.

So I’m finally back. I actually returned yesterday, but since this time I didn’t care for jetlag (also, I was planning on sleeping during the 6 hour plane, but got distracted by movies and Disney music) so I slept for the entirety of the day pretty much.

After that my laptop ran out of power and we need to get a new cord which will take a little while to get, so until then I’m stuck with my dad’s spare Mac laptop.

I hate Macs.

Anyway, for anyone from, I will take up streaming again as soon as I can get power for my laptop and I will be able to take the earlier hours now when I’m only hours ahead of the local time-zone.

So what am I going to do until then? Well, this laptop got nothing but I manage to transfer over a roleplaying game to work on before my laptop died, so that’s one thing I could work on.

One. Thing.


Too restricting O_O

In other news: I sent an email to Josh Woodward after Zeldathon was over explaining things and linked to two of the highlighted songs I sang. He responded when I got home and liked my singing voice as well. I guess I do have a great singing voice. Either that or everyone is really polite =P

See you later =)


One response to “Around the world in +300 days

  1. Sora107 January 11, 2012 at 08:21

    Glad that you made it home safely! o_o I use a Mac… uh-oh.

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