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New Plans

Due to bad weather my flight had been delayed. Parents, take note:

My new flights are as follows: DL4073, DL234 and KL1157, in that order.

I’ll land sometime around 1-2 PM (13.00-14.00), but stay tuned in case there are any other delays.


Flying Back Soon

Alright, parents!

My plane leaves 13.35 from Erie the 19th of July and I’ll land in Gothenburgh at 08.45 the 20th.

Wish me luck =D

I have landed!

I have safely landed in America and is now tired. Good night.


So I have been back in Sweden for a while now and nothing much has happened.

I’m currently looking for a job so that I can get enough money for another plane ticket to America this summer. I also need to pay back student loans and stuff.

I have begun uploading more videos on my youtube channel (the silvertravelvlog one) that’s videos from Zeldathon I took with my camera.

See you later =)

Around the world in +300 days

I got nothing on Phineas Fogg.

So I’m finally back. I actually returned yesterday, but since this time I didn’t care for jetlag (also, I was planning on sleeping during the 6 hour plane, but got distracted by movies and Disney music) so I slept for the entirety of the day pretty much.

After that my laptop ran out of power and we need to get a new cord which will take a little while to get, so until then I’m stuck with my dad’s spare Mac laptop.

I hate Macs.

Anyway, for anyone from, I will take up streaming again as soon as I can get power for my laptop and I will be able to take the earlier hours now when I’m only hours ahead of the local time-zone.

So what am I going to do until then? Well, this laptop got nothing but I manage to transfer over a roleplaying game to work on before my laptop died, so that’s one thing I could work on.

One. Thing.


Too restricting O_O

In other news: I sent an email to Josh Woodward after Zeldathon was over explaining things and linked to two of the highlighted songs I sang. He responded when I got home and liked my singing voice as well. I guess I do have a great singing voice. Either that or everyone is really polite =P

See you later =)

Leaving soon again

Okay, so here’s the plan:

The plane back to Sweden leaves on Sunday, but I will have to leave on Saturday because I can’t get a ride there and have to use a Greyhound bus. When I arrive I will find a hotel close to the airport.

Unless something happens, here are the flight details like last time:

Pittsburgh Int’l Apt. (PIT) to New York John F Kennedy Intl (JFK)
Departure (PIT): January 8, 12:40 PM EST (afternoon)
Arrival (JFK): January 8, 2:15 PM EST (afternoon)

New York John F Kennedy Intl (JFK) to Brussels National (BRU)
Departure (JFK): January 8, 6:00 PM EST (evening)
Arrival (BRU): January 9, 7:50 AM CET (morning)

Brussels National (BRU) to Gothenburg Landvetter (GOT)
Departure (BRU): January 9, 9:15 AM CET (morning)
Arrival (GOT): January 9, 11:05 AM CET (morning)

Now, IF something happens I will be able to use the hotel’s wi-fi to update this blog or maybe even wi-fi at the airport. Fun fact: this blog was kinda created just to make sure what happened last time won’t happen again (my flight was delayed and my parents had no clue)

See you later, hopefully back in Sweden =)

Zeldathon is over!

Zeldathon is over! Sad face. However, I got a spike of… 200 viewers O_O
Guess that was from my little advertisement during Zeldathon =P
Anyways, I will fly back to Sweden on the 8th, so I’ll just grab my shiny new camera and pack my bags.

In general, Zeldathon was awesome! We managed to raise over $15000 and I was once again the most popular guy at the event even though the ohters did a great job as well (Charissa singing and dancing whenever she was there and Andy as the Great Fairy to name a few things)

Expect me to update my flight information tomorrow.

See you later =)

Silver Travel!

Hey guys! I just wanted to inform you that MC got me an awesome silver video camera, so I will now start vlogging and stuff.

You can find a sparkly new YouTube page here:

Also, Zeldathon is drawing close, visit us at:

See you later =)


Oh yeah, I should probably mention that the trip went well and I have been in America for a few days now =3

See you later =)

Leaving soon!

First off: Sorry for not posting the mega post, I have been busy and now my AC adapter broke so I’m running out of power for my laptop.

I’m also busy packing my bags because in less than 24 hours I will be on an airplane to America!

Now, to make my family less worried, here’s my flight schedule:

Sydney Kingsford Smith (SYD) to Los Angeles International (LAX)
Departure (SYD): December 19, 12:00 PM EST (noon)
Arrival (LAX): December 19, 6:50 AM PST (morning)

Los Angeles International (LAX) to Detroit Wayne County (DTW)
Departure (LAX): December 19, 9:00 AM PST (morning)
Arrival (DTW): December 19, 4:32 PM EST (afternoon)

Detroit Wayne County (DTW) to Erie International (ERI)
Departure (DTW): December 19, 7:36 PM EST (evening)
Arrival (ERI): December 19, 8:39 PM EST (evening)

I will try to get some Wi-fi at the airports to update you guys with changes or things like that using my 3DS.

I will also record some stuff I don’t have to run too much at the airports as the 3DS can now record video!

See you later!

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