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What is this?

This is a blog which Martin Silver will update every once in a while during his stay in Australia. His is studying in Sydney Film School with the goal of becoming a movie director.

Who is Martin Silver?

Martin Silver is a silly Swede who likes to create stuff. He also makes videos which you can find by clicking on this different coloured text.

How often is this updated?

Very often! I usually update as soon something worth writing happens, and since I find Australia to be so awesome… Check back every day and there should be a new post waiting for you =)
In fact, I might update more than once a day depending on what’s going on here, so check back even more often or keep track of the awesomeness using the RSS feed.

When is the next episode of PMD: TAoTA going to be released?

Good question.

Will you show up on Zeldathon summer?

If I can afford the plane ticket and have the time. My summer break is only 10 days long, but MC said he would put Zeldathon during those days. Also, if I cannot show up on Zeldathon I will still try to be on Skype or Webcam. If that fails I will at least show up in the chat room.

A small update on Zeldathon: the plane ticket is around AUD$3000, which is waaaay to much, sorry =(

The webcam thing and being placed during my break is still up, so I’m not going to miss any Zeldathin and you won’t miss any Silver.


Where in Australia are you?

Sydney. Or in case you where asking more precisely where I live so that you can stalk me, I’m not going to tell, sorry.

What I can tell though is that I live pretty close to the school. That is all.


Are these really frequently asked qustions?

Nope. I just wrote stuff down that seemed helpful enough to make you not email me about some question (feel free to do so anyway)


2 responses to “FAQ

  1. Shaun Becker January 8, 2012 at 03:16

    silver do you have a twitter?

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